Project Insurances

AtaGlobal's Way

Evaluating contracts, assessing risks, mitigating exposures while lowering costs and maximizing profits

AtaGlobal Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Inc. aims to manage the well - being your construction projects through determining the actual and contractual risks of the projects, offering consulting service in accordance with FIDIC requirements as well as designing and executing your insurance programs.


We focus on industries where we have a distinctive level of knowledge and expertise

We take time to understand the unique exposures of each contract and tailor a policy to meet the material damage, revenue protection and third party liability exposures of the project.

We provide consulting, brokerage and claims settlement services

  • Consultancy
    • Identifying and evaluating risks
    • Determining necessary insurances by reviewing project contracts, tender specifications and technical reports
    • Loss retention studies
    • Training sessions
  • Transferring Risks
    • Insurance program design
    • Negotiation and placement with Underwriters and Insurers
    • Bespoke policy wordings
      • The most appropriate collateral, the best cost supply
      • Preparation and presentation of the bid comparison tables
      • Cooperation and consultation with local companies for foreign legislation risks
      • Getting insured from local insurance companies through providing insurance from global reinsurance and insurance companies 
  • Claim Settlement Services
    • Providing claims procedures 
    • Negotiation with third party companies for recovery of uninsured losses
    • Claim review meetings
    • Review of outstanding reserves held by Insurers against your claims
    • Notification of claims to Insurers, assistance with repair authorisation, appointment of Loss Adjusters 
    • Dealing with correspondence from third party solicitors
  • Paper Works
    • Issue of policies and cover notes
    • Process declarations for adjustable policies
    • Letters providing evidence of insurance
    • Accurate invoices and statements
    • Regular premium collection 
    • Issue of meeting notes and reminders

We develop complete insurance programs



Single project insurance programs are an increasingly popular risk management technique used by property owners, developers and contractors for large construction projects to reduce total construction costs whilst controlling the scope of risks to be insured.

Some of the insurances needed for a single project insurance program depending on the risk evaluation are;

  • Project Cargo, DSU - Delay in Start Up
  • CPM/CPE – Construction Machinery and Equipment
  • TPL - Third Party Liability 
  • EL - Employer’s Liability
  • PA - Personal Accident
  • ALOP - Advance Loss of Profit
  • PI – Professional Indemnity

Supporting our clients to achieve higher risk management standards